End of Tenancy Cleaning in Bristol

End of Tenancy
Move In/Move Out
After Students
After Builders

We believe your free time wasn't made for housework

Take advantage of our all inclusive end of tenancy package deal. All inclusive means: oven, extraction fan, fridge, freezer and inside windows at no extra charge!

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100% GUARANTEE: If you are not completely happy with the cleaning carried out by our cleaners, we will give you a free re-clean of the problematic areas. You must report to us within 48 hours of the initial cleaning session and we will re-clean your property within 48 hours of you reporting it to us.*

  1. Vacuum carpet / mop floor
  2. Clean window inside 
  3. Wipe sills and frames
  4. Wipe skirting boards
  5. Wipe door and door frames
  6. Wipe radiators 
  7. Wipe light switches
  8. Clean ceiling lights
  9. Remove cobwebs
  10. Clean all balusters
  1. Clean all kitchen cupboards inside/outside
  2. Clean tops
  3. Clean oven inside/outside 
  4. Clean hob and extractor
  5. Clean microwave inside/outside
  6. Clean dishwasher inside/outside
  7. Clean washing machine inside/outside
  8. Clean fridge, freezer inside/outside
  9. Clean tiles
  10. Wipe all kitchen counters
  11. Descale and clean sink
  12. Clean window inside
  13. Wipe sills and frames
  14. Clean skirting boards
  15. Wipe door and door frames
  16. Wipe radiators,
  17. Wipe light switches
  18. Clean ceiling lights
  19. Remove cobwebs
  1. Clean and disinfect floor
  2. Scrub and disinfect toilet
  3. Clean and descale bath/shower, shower doors and tiles
  4. Shower head to be descaled where possible
  5. Scrub and descale bathroom sink
  6. Wipe all counters
  7. Clean mirrors
  8. Wipe skirting boards
  9. Wipe door and door frames
  10. Wipe radiators
  11. Wipe light switches
  12. Clean ceiling lights 
  13. Clean window inside
  14. Wipe sills and frames
  15. Clean extractor fan
  16. Remove cobwebs
  1. Vacuum carpet / mop floor
  2. Wipe all surfaces
  3. Wipe skirting boards
  4. Wipe door and door frames
  5. Wipe radiators
  6. Remove cobwebs
  7. Clean window inside
  8. Wipe sills and frames
  9. Wipe light switches
  10. Clean ceiling lights
  1. Vacuum carpet / mop floor
  2. Remove cobwebs
  3. Clean windows inside
  4. Wipe sills and frames
  5. Wipe  light switches
  6. Clean ceiling lights
  7. Wipe skirting boards
  8. Wipe door and door frames
  9. Wipe radiators
  10. Wipe light switches 
  11. Clean ceiling lights

We also offer windows outside and carpet cleaning!

End of Tenancy
Move In/Move Out
After Students
After Builders